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Credit Bureaus the Rent Reporting Services Report To

Credit Bureaus the Rent Reporting Services Report To

Rock the Score

Founded in 2018, Rock the Score balances low costs with excellent service. Rock the Score reports that users see an average credit score increase of 37 points, but that varies.

Someone with a thin credit file might see an increase of 60-80 points, while someone with a large credit file might see a smaller increase of 10-15 points. Rock the Score claims that some clients have gone from “no credit” to scores over 700.

Rock the Score doesn’t require your landlord to be enrolled in their services. They will need to get payment information from your landlord, but they offer a money-back guarantee if your landlord won’t provide it, cutting your risk

Rock the Score will add a spouse or roommate at a discounted cost to maximize benefits. The second person can get credit for the same on-time payments for their credit score, doubling the value of the service.

Rock the Score has low ongoing fees and makes sense for budget-conscious consumers who want excellent customer service and results. While they don’t report to Experian, Rock the Score is still one of the .

As in any industry, new competitors are constantly emerging in the rent reporting business. Here are two new entrants offering exceptional deals. They’re still building a track record and details on their programs may be hard to find, but they are worth a close look!

Esusu Rent

Esusu Rent, founded in 2018, is another favorite that reports to all three major credit bureaus. If you need all three credit bureaus to credit your rent payments, Esusu Rent is a reliable runner-up.

You’ll pay $50/year for ongoing service and make a $50 one-time payment for up to two years of past rental payments. This is an exceptionally low price considering that they report to all three credit bureaus. Continue reading Credit Bureaus the Rent Reporting Services Report To