SSB Mens Registration

AFPA SSB Mens Registration

Please fill in the information asked below carefully as the same will be validated in AFPA on arrival. If you are unable to make a payment because of a technical glitch, please reach out to us on 8390000649. We will be glad to assist you with your queries.

SSB Mens Registration


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    SSB Mens Registration

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    SSB Interview ( 25th September 2023 Batch) 41 OPEN

    SSB Interview ( 9th October 2023 Batch) 91 OPEN

    SSB Interview ( 23rd October 2023 Batch) 106 OPEN

    SSB Interview ( 6th November 2023 Batch) 78 OPEN

    SSB Interview ( 20th November 2023 Batch) 140 OPEN

    SSB Interview ( 4th December 2023 Batch) 97 OPEN

    SSB Interview ( 18th December 2023 Batch) 98 OPEN

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Need any help call us +91-8390000649

Registration fees is refunded only if cancellation is intimated 14 days prior to commencement of the course. A cancellation charge of Rs. 2,000 will be charged even if cancellation is done 14 days in advance.

NO REFUND of registration fees will be made if the cancellation is not done 14 days prior to the commencement of the course.

Please note we cannot shift batches manually. Students wanting to change batches will have to cancel from the existing and re-register.

*Note: AFPA students wanting to join again for practice sessions are requested to not register for any batch listed on the website. Please reach out to us via our official email or our phone number 91-8390000649 to understand the possibilities of joining. Students found blocking a seat by registering will have to pay full fees.

*Important Note: COVID-19 RT-PCR Negative Report to be submitted at the AFPA Security and Disinfection Zone.
The report must be procured 72 hours prior to batch commencement.

Full dose of VACCINATION compulsory from September 2021. Hard copy of the same to be submitted at the AFPA Security and Disinfection Zone.

Batch Commencement Dates (2023)

1. 02nd January 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 01st January 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 15th January 2023 (Sunday)

2. 16th January 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 15th January 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 29th January 2023 (Sunday)

3. 30th January 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 29th January 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 12th February 2023 (Sunday)

4. 13th February 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 12th February 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 26th February 2023 (Sunday)

5. 27th February 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 26th February 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 12th March 2023 (Sunday)

6. 13th March 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 12th March 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 26th March 2023 (Sunday)

7. 27th March 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 26th March 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 09th April 2023 (Sunday)

8. 24th April 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 23rd April 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 07th May 2023 (Sunday)

9. 08th May 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 07th May 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 21st May 2023 (Sunday)

10. 22nd May 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 21st May 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 04th June 2023 (Sunday)

11. 05th June 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 04th June 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 18th June 2023 (Sunday)

12. 19th June 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 18th June 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 02nd July 2023 (Sunday)

13. 03rd July 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 02nd July 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 16th July 2023 (Sunday)

14. 17th July 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 16th July 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 30th July 2023 (Sunday)

15. 31st July 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 30th July 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 13th August 2023 (Sunday)

16. 14th August 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 13th August 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 27th August 2023 (Sunday)

17. 28th August 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 27th August 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 10th September 2023 (Sunday)

18. 11th September 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 10th September 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 24th September 2023 (Sunday)

19. 25th September 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 24th September 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 08th October 2023 (Sunday)

20. 09th October 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 08th October 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 22nd October 2023 (Sunday)

21. 23rd October 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 22nd October 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 05th November 2023 (Sunday)

22. 06th November 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 05th November 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 19th November 2023 (Sunday)

23. 20th November 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 19th November 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 03rd December 2023 (Sunday)

24. 04th December 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 03rd December 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 17th December 2023 (Sunday)

25. 18th December 2023 Batch
-Arrival- 17th December 2023 (Sunday)
-Departure- 31st December 2023 (Sunday)